About company and vast experience in wholesale and distribution of milk and dairy products

Euroline company was founded on November 28th 2005. It has been active since May 1st 2006. The main activity of the company is wholesale and distribution of milk and dairy products.

Our bisiness partners are: Šabac Dairy, Milkop Dairy, Imlek, Subotica Dairy, PK Zlatibor, Mlekoprodukt, Kuč Dairy, Beocarpa, Bellanova, Gourmet Chef, Polimark, Carnex, Topola, Tisacoop, Agrimes, Mesokombinat, Trlić, Budućnost, Class, MID, Domenica.

Mlekara Milkop
Pastir mlečni proizvodi u saradnji sa Mlekarom Šabac
Carnex saradnja sa Euro Line
Pastir mlečni proizvodi u saradnji sa mlekarom Imlek
Pastir mlečni proizvodi u saradnji sa Mlekarom Subotica
Mlekara Kuč
PK Zlatibor
Gourmet Chef
IM Topola saradnja sa Euro Line
Tisacoop saradnja sa Euro Line
Agrimes saradnja sa Euro Line
Mesokombinat saradnja sa Euro Line
Trlić saradnja sa Euro Line
Budućnost saradnja sa Euro Line
Class saradnja sa Euro Line
MIP saradnja sa Euro Line

A vide range of food products

Apart from milk and dairy products distribution, our company also offers a wide assortment of foods made by our business partners. The company has its own warehouse, wide assortment of various goods, quality service and selling conditions. The company has recently been investing into its buildings, warehouses, modern equipment and it already has the most modern vehicles for food distribution.

The company is operating in  Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Macedonia.

,,Pastir’’ delivers dairy products of high quality and recognizable taste

The company has enlarged its assortment by introducing its own brand “Pastir“ (Shepard). Within  its “Pastir programme“ the company offers the following products: sour cream, cheese, white cheese, fresh and grained cheese, kaymak and various topping  with or without additional flavors.

The aim of our business is to enlarge the numbers of our customers, save good relations with current partners to satisfy the final customers' needs. In addition, we want to improve and develop our brand “Pastir“, to find its position at the market thanks to its quality, attractive packaging and its reasonable price.


Mission: “Pastir” brand positioning

The mission of our company is to develop and put our brand “Pastir“ in position in the mind of our customers according to the experience we are having in wholesale and distribution of milk and dairy products.


Vission: Leader in the distribution of dairy products

The vision of the company is to become one of the leading companies in wholesale and distribution of milk and dairy products thanks to constant investment and development of quality of our service.

Company for production, trade and services
Vučkovica BB, 34000 Kragujevac

+381 (0) 34 591 415, 591 416, 591 417